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er from sleep apnea.Treatment with positive resultsDr. Gozal set up a treatment program. He noticed ▓that the students who had stopped snoring an▓d whose sleep apnea was better could enjoy restorative sleep and began to improve bot▓h academically and be

haviorally."The results we▓re amazing," Dr. Gozal said. "And I wanted to make▓ it my life's mission to conduct studies on sleep apnea and to bring this message out to the public."He said when children are diagnosed with sleep apnea and treated, ▓t

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heir learning and behavior problems can be "reversed.▓" The sooner they are diagnosed and treated the better.S▓tudies indicate that 1-3 percent of a▓ll children struggle with severe sleep apnea cases, wh▓ile anothe

r 10-12 percent have mild forms. Asian children are more likely to have sleep apnea, since their cranial and facial features make them m▓ore susceptible to it.Search for curesThere are ▓effective procedures to treat ch

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ildhood sleep apnea. In milder forms, Dr. Gozal recommends the use of steroidal nas▓al sprays and oral anti-inflammatory medicines tha▓t are readily available, while at the same time his laborat

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